Mobility - OBEKinematics

Combined kinematics
for the automotive sector

OBEKinematics is looking to
make a difference in the automotive industry by creating new value through intelligent movement

Kinematics solutions for
automotive applications

Mobility - OBEKinematics

PSA Platform

Sliding rail and hinge for center armrest
Mobility - OBEKinematics
High-load sliding rail.
Horizontal sliding rail.
First project with direct transfer of technical knowledge from the furniture industry.
Complex stamping and bending assembly group.
Robust sliding rail design to allow the use of a single sliding rail.

Maserati Levante

Sliding rail for the hidden phone wireless charging compartment
Mobility - OBEKinematics
Minimun rolling resistance.
Maximum extension in a limited space.
Quick and easy assembly with the integrated locking hooks.


Integral development for industrialization and manufacturing for the vehicle roof rack
Mobility - OBEKinematics
OBEKinematics for product and assembly validation.
3 product versions: Dropracks Sport, Dropracks XL, and motorized.
2 products patented worldwide.
TÜV certification and DIN 75302 roof rack standard compliance.
Volkswagen certification and homologation.

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