Home Feeling - OBEKinematics

Like at home,
wherever you are

Because the world moves in a different way,
and we move with it.

Every day, we ask ourselves: what will cars be like?; Will offices exist?; What kinds of homes will we live in? And the answer is that we live in a world that increasingly operates on mobility. We see that the boundaries between the office and the home, or between the car and the home, are becoming more blurred. Wherever we are, we demand comfortable, warm, and ergonomic environments.

We want to feel
at home even when we are on the move

Therefore, at OBEKinematics we apply all the experience and knowledge gained in furniture and household appliances to the creation and manufacture of kinematics for new mobility. Whether in cars, trucks, buses, or ships, all motion devices will carry the OBEKinematics seal.

Home Feeling - OBEKinematics
And that seal is called Home Feeling.

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